Sunday, September 16, 2007

The first post!

Hello family and friends Quinn and Lindsay have finally broken down and joined the blogging craze. One more step to a total dependency on technology! Life with the Millet's is going along as usual.

Quinn is working again...someone has to! He has been marketing the apprasial company all week. Smoozing every mortgage company and bank in town. Linds on the other hand... would rather interview than work (actually she is very sick of the interview process, but she is pushing along). Linds has actually found a job (sort of), Linds has become a free-lance secretary for the apprasial company. She works half day on a day to day contract! To fill the time between interviews and playing secretary, Lindsay has taken on a handfull of projects. This week, she will paint the kitchen, can peaches, and build a fence in the backyard.

We will be adding some pictures as soon as we have some new and interesting ones.