Sunday, January 20, 2008

A New Year!

Happy January from the Millet's! We are happy to report we had a fantastic christmas season thanks to family and friends. We decorated our first christmas tree, which was one of my favoirte things of the season. I was so excited to use all the decorations that I had purchased last January for 75% off. It totally worth waiting till the end of the season to buy (even if I did have to wait a WHOLE YEAR to put them up). We had a Rappleye Sister Christmas party: complete with chili, cornbread, and fritos (which is Rappleye family tradition) and made gingerbread houses with the nieces and nephews. Christmas Eve we went sledding with our Millet nieces and nephews.

Buddy, the Millet family dog, was the highlight of the event. Quinn attached him to the sleds, ushered our eager nephew Luke into the sled, thew a ball as far as possible and watched as Buddy took off after the ball, kids in tow. Amazingly, Luke stayed on the sled for the ride of his life! To our suprise, Buddy fetched the ball back to us and pulled the sled (Luke and all) back up the hill. Not one of the kids walked up the hill after that! To top off the holiday season...Quinn and I took an uncontested first place at an Ugly Sweater party ( I actually left the house in stirrup leggings!) The sweaters were hidious and deserved the trophy we were given.

We also had the chance to go to Colorado to visit my family for Christmas. We left Utah on Christmas eve and made it to Colorado before midnight! We awoke the next morning to 7+ inches of snow, it was a white christmas after all! While in Colorado, Quinn had the chance to develop his raquet ball game during gruling early morning games with my dad. The first day his legs and his ego were a little sore after being slaughtered by a 50 year old. He is proud to say however, that the next few mornings were much better for his ego. Over the course of the week, his raquetball skills improved immensley and he is ready to take on anyone! We also had the chance to cross country ski and snowboard multiple times. Thanks mom and dad for an excelent time!!

I hope everyone is dealing ok with their post holiday let down. It is always so hard to get back into the "real world" after all the holiday joy making that goes on in November and December. Luckily for me, I did not have to worry too much about getting back to the daily grind after the holidays. Why is that you wonder?? Well, on my first day back to work after New Years, I was laid off. Yep, it is true! The company I was doing PR for (Silverado Development) had to downsize. As a result of that, I am back on the job market once again! Hopefully, third time is a charm, when trying to find a job that I want to keep longer than 4 months. If you hear of any phenonminal job opportunities in the Salt Lake area, I am open for suggestions. To keep myself busy while looking for jobs, I am helping Quinn appraise, cooking, and eliminating items from the forever long to do list ( it seems like there is always a project).

Quinn is working hard as ever as an appraiser with Abe (his brother). Q & A Appraisal Services is starting to make a name for itself! They are really enjoying working together and are realizing how similar they truly are. Yesterday, Quinn came home from a morning out and announced to me, "Wife, I AM MAN" He proceeded to drop a bloddy ziplock bag of fresh duck meat on my lap! It is offical Quinn went on his first duck hunt, with his new gun, and shot a duck straight out of the sky! He is very proud and I am stuck learning how to cook duck! He has registered for 3 or 4 hunts throughout this year, including the buffalo hunt. I can only hope that if that one is succesful, it does not end up in a ziplock on my lap.