Thursday, May 15, 2008

California Adventure Pictures

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Real World" Spring Break

Another reminder that you are no longer in college....NO SPRING BREAK! It was early March, I began to get really bored with everyday life, why sooo bored you ask?? I am used to getting scheduled breaks at random times throughout the year (thanks to our school systems for implementing thanksgiving break, Christmas break, fall break, winter break, spring break and best of all SUMMER!) Now that I live in the "real world", I have to trudge along with everyone else who works 9-5 in a break-less existence. Wait...there is a point to all my ranting. Quinn and I needed a break, a vacation of sorts. Since our birthdays are weeks apart in March and April, we decided to gift ourselves a vacation to California to visit Quinn's sister Katirna, her husband Doug and our nephew Sampson. This was our second annual trip to visit Katrina and Doug and we were excited to experience the outdoor/scenic side of California vs the touristy city stuff (all of which we did last year). We had a great time hiking, sleeping, shopping, and eating. It was a great way to celebrate both our birthdays! Thanks goes out to Doug and Katirna for being amazing hosts...anyone who goes to California should call them, they will show you a good time!
Our Titanic ImpersonationThe biggest piece of birthday cake I have EVER seen