Monday, July 14, 2008

Capital Reef

The last weekend in May, my cousin Devin came homw from his mission, so Quinn and I decided to head down to Richfield to listen to him speak on Sunday. Since we were already driving part way Quinn and I decided to venture a little farther south and pay a visit to Capital Reef National Park. We had driven through many-a-time on our way to Lake Powell, but had never actually stopped and stayed.

We learned a couple valuable lessons on our dirve down to Capital Reef...
1. You will NEVER get on the road until at least 1 hour after you wanted to
2. Never assume that just becuase you believe there will be open camp sites, that it will actually happen (whose stupid idea was it to only have 1 campgound in the whole park anayway!!)
3. When a campground says it is really is (now matter how long you drive around with your parking lights on at 2 a.m., you cannot blind people out of their camp sites)

We ended up sleeping in a R.V. park across from a gas station for $25 a night (they did not have seperate pricing, we paid for elecricity and poop dumping when we only there for a total of 6 hours(including sleep time)!!

That day however, we managed to go on an AMAZING hike that overlooked the entire park.

A cute little arch I found on the way up to the top!

The view from the top, thankfully there was another couple up there to take our picture (we did not see ANYONE the whole 5 miles up and at the very top...there they were!)

Here is a video of the view that we had from the top of the was amazing!