Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Trip back home

Quinn was sweet enough to drive all the way to Colorado in July with me to attend one of my old choir and track buddies wedding. My highschool friends are finally starting to get married, they all thought I was CRAZY when I tied the knot two years ago, now they are finally seeing the light! I have known booth the bride and groom since elementary school, so it was great to see them get hitched! Plus, Quinn and I were able to visit my parents and hang out with the younger siblings.

The wedding ended up being like a high school reuion of sorts. It was so weird to see all the people that I grew up with again (it has been almost 5 years). A lot of the people that were in Summit Singers (a select choir in my high school) including the bride and groom were at the wedding. We decided to sing a little song for the newley weds, for old time sake. It tunred out, that we had our pianist, our choir teacher, several tenors and bases, 2 sopranos, and me...the lone alto. Just enough to pull off an impromptu performance.


Joel and Mandi said...

This is more like it! I'm impressed with the blogging Linds :)

erica said...

Hey Lindsey, cute blog!