Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Suprise Anniversary Trip!

Joel this is for you! I will post details about the trip soon, but here are pictures!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lake Powell!!

In July Quinn and I were able to go to the best place on earth...Lake Powell. My family has gone every summer with the Nay family (my aunt and uncle) since before I was born. Summer is not Summer without a week on the My-Ski-Tow with the fam. Nothing beats early morning wake board runs, fishing, campfire stories, POWELL FOOD, tube wars, and sleeping under the stars. We did all of the above and more; Quinn actually found a very special friend while we were down there...

Yeah...Quinn found a lizard in a slot canyon and adopted it for a few days. Croc (as he was so named) actually stayed on his arm through an entire movie and overnight!

And who would have guessed... that this amazing couplewould get engaged only a week after we left Powell. Congrats Natalie Nay and Brian Sanders!!

We spent a lot of our time wakeboarding and tubing out on the lake. Here is a little slide show of all our Powell pics (a lot of wake boaring ones of Quinn and I).

Friday, September 5, 2008

Back to the days...

On our flight home from our trip to Boston, we decided to extend our 1 hour layover in Chicago, to a 6 hour layover so that Quinn could show me his childhood stompin' grounds. His family moved to Utah from Chicago when he was 12 and he has not been back to visit since. He was so excited to visit his old house, elementary school, and swimming pool in the cute little city of Geneva, IL. The day was filled of stories and memories of Quinn's childhood. It was fun to see where he grew up and to hear all of his stories as he walked me around to each place. Quinn posing in front of the steet sign that he and his brother Abe tied a neighbor kid to so that they could see how long it took him to untie himself.
This is the fire hydrant that Quinn knocked his teeth out on when he went over the handlebars of his bike.
The big white house on DeerField Way, lots of fond memories in that place.