Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pet Peeve!

I don't normaly post things that bug me...but I had to share this one.

We live several miles away from Sugarhouse park. On my morning runs, I usually head in that direction, run around the park a few times and run back home.

One morning in September, I noticed how dark it still was at 6 A.M. I started to worry about getting hit by cars, especially becuase it was only going to get darker in the mornings.

So, being the responsible runner that I am, I bought a reflective vest and started wearing it every morning on my run. I did not do this to look cool, becuase I am constantly dodging comments like "Oh! Capitan Safety...it is a good thing you're here, Rylee was just running with scissors!" from Quinn. I bought the vest to keep myself from getting hit by cars.

Well, you will never guess what happens next! I GET HIT BY A CAR TWO TIMES IN TWO WEEKS and to top it off, it is the same stupid lady in her CRV booth times!!
How can you not see this!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

A New Edition to the Millet's!!

Yep, that's right...Quinn and I have taken the next step in our lives, we have decided to grow our little family by one.

We are so excited!

Please Welcome Rylee Millet!!

She is our sweet little English Setter. We bought her from a breader in Idaho and she was born on June 8th.

She is so fun to have around. I take her running with me and Quinn will soon take her hunting with him. We have taken her to the dog park during the farmers market to socialize and up Millcreek Canyon several times. First to enjoy the fall leaves...

Second, to mingle with other dogs at dog lake. We ran into a couple dogs on the way up and she had such a great time playing around with them. She also loved not having to stay on her leash the entire time!

Come by and visit on new little guy when you get a chance!

Monday, October 20, 2008

20/15 and lovin every minute!

I can see, I can see, I can see!! That's right, I got lasik eye surgery. Thanks to my dad, he gave me the gift of sight for college graduation (1 1/2 yrs ago). On September 11, 2008 Quinn and I drove to Hoopes Lasik Eye Clinic, I arrived in my glasses (which I had been wearing for 2 weeks prior)

Read all the precautionary instructions

And had my vision tested one final time before going under the knife (or lazer in this case)

After they cut the cornea, they have you sit in a massage chair for 30 minutes with your eyes closed while your eyes adjust. The whole time the chair is massaging and they bring fresh baked chocolate chip cookies!!

Here I am, with Quinn (my support the whole time), dropping my un-needed glasses in a donation bin. Who needs glasses when you can see 20/15!!!!