Monday, October 27, 2008

A New Edition to the Millet's!!

Yep, that's right...Quinn and I have taken the next step in our lives, we have decided to grow our little family by one.

We are so excited!

Please Welcome Rylee Millet!!

She is our sweet little English Setter. We bought her from a breader in Idaho and she was born on June 8th.

She is so fun to have around. I take her running with me and Quinn will soon take her hunting with him. We have taken her to the dog park during the farmers market to socialize and up Millcreek Canyon several times. First to enjoy the fall leaves...

Second, to mingle with other dogs at dog lake. We ran into a couple dogs on the way up and she had such a great time playing around with them. She also loved not having to stay on her leash the entire time!

Come by and visit on new little guy when you get a chance!


Sarah said...

She is darling! If you want her to have a play date with Stella, just call us. Stella loves to play with bigger dogs (because then she thinks she is one). :) Have fun!

Julie said...

Man you had me really excited there! but a dog is cool too... congrats!

Fab Five said...

Cute puppy! I was kind of hoping it was something else ;)!!

Karly & Danny said...

Join the fun! We just got a dog this summer to. We love her! It is great to have a dog!