Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pet Peeve!

I don't normaly post things that bug me...but I had to share this one.

We live several miles away from Sugarhouse park. On my morning runs, I usually head in that direction, run around the park a few times and run back home.

One morning in September, I noticed how dark it still was at 6 A.M. I started to worry about getting hit by cars, especially becuase it was only going to get darker in the mornings.

So, being the responsible runner that I am, I bought a reflective vest and started wearing it every morning on my run. I did not do this to look cool, becuase I am constantly dodging comments like "Oh! Capitan Safety...it is a good thing you're here, Rylee was just running with scissors!" from Quinn. I bought the vest to keep myself from getting hit by cars.

Well, you will never guess what happens next! I GET HIT BY A CAR TWO TIMES IN TWO WEEKS and to top it off, it is the same stupid lady in her CRV booth times!!
How can you not see this!!!


Joel and Mandi said...

You seriously got hit??? What the heck?! Open your eyes people! You have a right to be mad!

Elisabeth Taylor said...

You got hit by the same lady two times in the same week? What are the freaking odds for that? Glad to see you made it through ok. I had a friend who has been hit by a car twice but different years and different cars- you've just got some weird luck!

Glad to see you guys are still alive after leaving our wonderful ward! :) We miss ya!

Sarah Nelsen said...

Lindsay! I'm so excited I found your blog! So Joanna told me you guys recently moved into her ward, thats crazy! With all of us so close, we really should get together more often. Bummer about the crazy CRV lady. I actually think I saw you running the other day..but I was a responsible driver and gave ya as much room as I could :)

Fab Five said...

Totally dumb lady!! I would get her license plate number and turn her in!! By the way, I think you look cute in your reflector!!

Dixie said...

Sweet blog, i honestly read all (ok, just most) of it and especially got jealous at the Mexico trip pictures, gives me the shivers!

Joel Frost said...

yeah. I'd be going to court. I would make a vendetta to get that ladies insurance raised, or license revoked or something. That sucks linds.