Monday, December 8, 2008

October/November Summary in Pictures...and a few words

I cannot believe how time has been flying lately! On Monday I feel like the weekend will never come and then all of a sudden it is Friday; but then all too soon it is Monday again. A vicious cycle if you ask me!! I guess that is where all the time has gone and that is also how I am going to explain my lack of posts!

October and November was full of outdoor fun, parties, family, work, and weddings!

Quinn and I competed in "SLC: The Amazing Race". One of our teams tasks was ice blocking and another was a fireman's relay. We ran all over the valley completing various tasks at locations such as: Cabelas, Thanksgiving Point, Maverick, Kennecott Mine, and several parks. Team Quiet Riet (consisting of Quinn and I and our friends the Riley's) could not quite pull off first, but we did manage 4th place!

Tandem Labs (my employer) had a convention in San Diego that I put together, so I flew out there to make sure all went well. While I was there, I shared breakfast with a good friend from high school, Lindsay Hauser at a cafe on the beach!

Quinn and I have really discovered MillCreek Canyon since we got Rylee. We have taken her up there several times and she LOVES every second of it. This is the view of Dog Lake up Millcreek canyon.

My cousin Natalie Nay got married in the Bountiful Temple! We were roomies at USU, so these are all our fellow USU Aggies!! It was amazing the amount of college friends were able to make it!!Most of us lived together at some point during our time at USU, so it was great to see everyone!This is a very classic Linds/Natalie face...I think we were reacting to the fact, that yes, she really IS married!!She had her reception at a beautiful home in Mapleton. The back yard was so beautiful, Quinn and I had to take advantage!Mom and Dad drove out for the wedding!Now onto Halloween: The dinosaur is my nephew Tyler and the Octopus is my niece Reese. The little spider was a neighbor friend that came "Frick-O-Freating" (according to Tyler) with us!The Rappleye Sister's got together and had a post Halloween, Halloween party. My sister Jen put together a scavenger hunt in the backyard.

And of course...we played in the leaves. The pirate is my niece Andi and Odette (from Swan Lake) in my niece Afton.I made a festive graveyard cake for the occasion.

This cake made me VERY popular with the nieces and nephew!

This has to be the cutest picture of the night!! My two nieces, Reese (Kristi's girl) and Chloe (Jen's girl) are just two weeks apart They love to explore and have some much fun interacting with each other! You can only imagine how long it took to get these two smiling at the same time!

Quinn has recently introduced Rylee to peanut butter! If you want to keep her busy for an entire day; take a raw hide bone, slather it in peanut butter, freeze it...and viola you won't see her for the rest of the day!She is trying to get out every last bit of peanut butter here, we did not even try to take this away from was way too entertaining!Lastly, Tandem Labs had a show in off I went. These are some pictures of the booth I put together for our company. I am sure Atlanta has a lot of great things to see...but most of what I saw was within the Atlanta Convention Center!

My favorite part had to have been the Tandem bike that we raffled was VERY popular! This trip I also had the chance to sample some of Atlanta's fabulous restaurant's. If you ever need any suggestions in that city let me know; I feel like all we did was go from the convention center to a 5 course meal, back to the convention center, to another 5 course meal, to the hotel to sleep and do it all again the next day!!