Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keys on Main and Colorado Trip

May 2009

My sister-in-law Dixie decided to enhance her knowledge and move off to D.C. for grad school. Quinn and I wanted to have one last night with her before she left us for the all too alluring EAST COAST. What better way to say goodbye than a live concert at a hip downtown club? The answer...nothing; because this club even threw in free martini glasses and free drinks!
The performer of the night: Eric Hutchinson...Excellent live, I highly recommend him!

Quinn and I enjoyin the good music.

Dixie and Shane. I think Dixie in especially excited in the picture because she had just experienced her first Pina Colda...on the house! (Virgin of course).

Showing off our SWAG...free martini glasses (I think we all ended up leaving them under our chairs at the end of the night; oops!)

Here is the live video of Eric. He had a great stage presence and was really funny. I have not figured out how to flip the video...but I will soon.

Bad Reaction to Flu Shot + Down Time = Blog Update

I have been all but physically assulted by more than a few loving family and friends becuase of my lack luster blogging. I guess it takes angry phone calls and substantial down time (due to side effects of above mentioned flu shot), to get me going. So here it is, it not so many words and lots of pictures....AN UPDATE!
April 2009
I competed in my first triathlon. I ended up doing 3 more throughout the summer and loved it! Safe to say....I am addicted.
This particular race was an Xterra race (meaning you mountain bike instead of road bike) and I did the race with our good friends Jess and Andrew Wood. Race Day ended up being rainy and freezing. It had been raining for several days prior to the race, giving the moutain bike course ample time to get nice and muddy. Special thanks to a supportive Quinn (love you!) for being my photographer/ cheerleader.
Here I am pre-race...cold but excited and ready to take on the competition!
In T1, transition between the swim and the bike.

Ready to face the muddy mountain bike course

Turning the last corner on the run and sprinting to the finish line.

We did it!! Jess and I post-race excited, muddy, and ready for a warm shower.