Wednesday, April 2, 2008

CarJacker...Kind of

Has anyone seen the hilarious show that feature stupid criminals like the guy who robs a convenient store but leaves his cell phone on the counter with the clerk or the guy who walks out on his tab at a restaurant, but then comes back 20 minutes later to get the jacket he left on accident?? They should start recruiting for talent in Sugarhouse, because I have a fully written and already preformed script for the next episode of that show.

Quinn and I were enjoying an uplifting dose of spirituality at church one Sunday morning at our church (located on a very busy street in Salt Lake). Quinn and I had driven separately because I had to go early for choir practice. After church I head out to my car and drive home. Quinn also heads out to his car (which is parked on the other side of the parking lot). As he gets closer to his car, he hears that it is idling, which is weird because the keys were in his pocket and the car doors were locked. He walked around his car to the other side and found this...
Apparently, the stupid criminal had gone through all the trouble of prying off the side of the window, busting in the window, ripping off the steering wheel cover and starting the car with his screwdriver before he realized that the steering wheel was locked. I guess Quinn accidentally locked it when he pulled himself out of the car before church. Needless to say, a locked steering wheel deterred our criminal from stealing Quinn's car. Our criminal left in such a hurry that he did not even turn the car off. As a result of his hurried departure, Quinn and I are now the proud owners of a new screwdriver. If you found you have misplaced yours....don't call us to complain, we may send the cops after you!