Wednesday, April 2, 2008

USU Roomie Reuion

In Feburary my old USU roomie's and I had a rare chance to get together. I always love getting together with those girls, you forget how much fun it is to sit around, talk, and eat until you're sick (I think every girl can relate when I say that girls nights are a great excuse to over indulge in any food that in sinfully yummy).

Get togethers like this remind me how much truly can happen in 2 years. If this picture took place two years ago, everyone would be single, no one would be pregnant (Charlotte), we would all be living together in Logan, and all still be students. 2 years later however, 3 of us are married, 2 are graduated and have left Logan, and 1 is preganant and has a dog! Too bad I had to join the "real world", which FYI is definantly not as fun as the alternative...College.