Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Long Over Due...

I am guilty as charged! I am an inactive blogger and am fully willing to admit it. I swore to myself once I began blogging, I would take time once a week to post any interesting, funny, or enlightening things that happened in our lives...well we can all see how long that lasted. I blame it on technology. Not too long after my last post, my laptop got very sick and needed some major TLC. So, Circut City was contacted and my little laptop was sent off on an all expenses paid (thanks to insurance :) trip to the HP factory for some much needed R and R. Three long computer-less weeks later, the laptop returned fully recovered and ready for least I hope!

Now is the task of back tracking the ever so interesting and entertaining life that we lead and telling everyone about it. If you are not ready for a long read, feel free to read this marathon update in shifts.