Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Snow Cave vs Snowshoe??

My cousin Natalie, whom I love so much, was willing to hang out with me for a weekend when Quinn ditched me. I was super offended that Quinn did not invite me to come along on his overnight excursion, I am his wife!, should he not want to spend every moment by my side? Then he told me he would be driving up to Heber and building snow caves with the scouts and sleeping in them. Wise choice not to invite the eternally cold wife not to sleep in snow caves with you, is Feburary in Utah. I would much prefer the comfort of a warm bed and a thermostat reading a toasty 72.

I headed up to Logan to visit Natalie at Utah State. I forget how beauiful Sardine Canyon is...I think that's because I developed at deep loathing for it while communitng to USU from Salt Lake for a semester, it is not nearly as pretty when you have to drive it 2 times a day every day. The night in Logan was spent going out to dinner with some old girlfriends, making and eating entirely too many homeade pizzaookies, and staying up until 2:30 a.m. Being the married women that I am...I cannot remeber the last time my clock read later than 11:30 when my exhausted head hit the pillow!

I decided that I wanted to treat Natalie to a snowshoeing adventure. It is high time that I stop dragging poor Quinn up a freezing mountain early on a saturday (who only kind of likes snowshoeing and only goes with me becuase it is a great way to tire me out and guarantee the rare treat of nachos or something fatty afterwards!) Plus he is an amazing husband) Natalie and I decided on the Old Ephriam trail up Logan canyon and set off on our adventure. After a brutally grueling glute burning uphill climb (I was cursing the aforemention pizzaookies the whole time) we took a quick break to enjoy the view and play around in the snow for awhile. We hiked up a little bit farther before we decided to call it quits due to screaming muscles. Thankfully there were not too many people around to see how beautiful we looked during our sweaty snowshoe however, I do feel bad for the cross country skiers we hounded down to capture our adventure on film (thankfully they did not take a close up!)