Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spontaneous Extreme Makeover

One Thursday night I was complaining to Quinn about how I thought our carpets were dirty and wanted to get them cleaned. I was in the middle of listing the pros of carpet cleaning and why he should support me in my desire to have clean carpet, when I had an idea; why PAY to clean the carpet...when you can rip it up for FREE?! Home improvement Project!!! That defiantly perked Quinn's interest. We spent the rest of the evening crawling around our nasty old carpet peeling back the corners to reveal the solid wood floor underneath (one of the benefits of owning an old home). Our only worry, was that the previous owner may have covered the wood floor for a reason, like major scratches or water damage. The only was for us to find out however, was to completely rip it up to see the whole floor. The next day, I came home from work to Quinn on his hands and knees and this is the sight that met my eyes. You can imagine my surprise, I saw a huge pile of carpet a a super dirty wood floor littered with carpet staples and other unrecognizables. Well, it being a Friday night, we already had plans with friends, so we left the mess and met up with our friends for the night. Saturday morning, we got up bright and early and worked all day. We ripped out staples, scrubbed off glue and paint stains and swept up all the leftover carpet pad bits. We then used a whole bottle of wood oil to moisturize the floor. After letting the oil soak in overnight, the image we saw before going to bed on Sunday night quite a sight. A drastically different sight than what I saw late Friday night. Not to shabby for a weekend project!!


Maridon Rappleye said...

Nice to see you blogging again Linds.

Phillips Fam said...

Hey cuz, Well this looks like a fun project! i'm glad you finally got back to blogging. I was beginning to think you fell off the ends of the earth.jk. how are you're two nieces. I'm so excited for them, babies are so much fun. Now it's your turn, because there no hope for trevor i fear:)